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5th Scientific Conference SPE BALKAN SKI Science, Practice & Education: THE BOOK OF ABSTRACTS


SPE – Science, Practice & Education – BALKAN SKI CONFERENCE is a merge of curiosity (science), will of terrain work (practice) and unselfish transfer of knowledge (education) for people who likes snowy mountains and the most beautiful sport in the world – alpine skiing and snowboarding.

THE MAIN THEME: Fun and safety in contemporary skiing − the new role of ski instructors/trainers in winter sports and society.

THE VISION of the SPE BALKAN SKI is to develop the network of excellence bringing together ski experts – ski instructors, coaches, scientists and other ski experts from the Balkan region.

THE MISSION of the SPE BALKAN SKI is to empower, advocate, develop and promote ski professions, considering scientific and professional bases in theory and practice.


  • Achieve excellence in ski instructing profession – from basics to elite
  • Promote the professions of ski instructors and ski coaches
  • Engage, lead and expand our communities
  • Develop a holistic approach to understanding teaching process excellence
  • Share practical and theoretical experience and good practice among the members

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Rogla, 2024


Science and Research Centre Koper, Annales ZRS, Slovenia

ISBN 978-961-7195-41-5
Število strani 78