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The glass from the Gnalić wreck

Avtor / Author: Irena Lazar & Hugh Willmott ; with contributions of Smiljan Gluščević and Caroline M. Jackson

Strani / Pages: 144 str. : ilustr. ; 30 cm

Leto / Published: 2006

Jezik / Language: angleški

ISBN: 961-6328-42-5

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Šifra: PME011
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The glass from the Gnalić wreck

Avtor / Authors: Irena Lazar, Hugh Willmott

This book is the result of an Anglo-Slovene collaborative project to study for the first time the glass cargo from the Gnalić Wreck. The ship, which was probably a Venetian galley, had sunk a few miles south of the town of Biograd in Croatia in the last decades of the 16th century fully laden with cargo. First discovered in 1967, six underwater campaigns were organised to retrieve material from the seabed, with the last of these taking place in 1996. Whilst the vessel was carrying a wide variety of goods including ceramics, metalwares, textiles and raw materials, by far the largest component of its cargo consisted of glass. Over 5,500 items were recovered, and this probably only represents a small proportion of that originally on board. The authors clearly outline and illustrate the range of glass goods found. These include Italianate tablewares as well as more ordinary drinking glasses probably manufactured in Dalmatia. Other forms include window glass panes, finished and half-made mirror plates and an intriguing collection of glass that appears to be Eastern in origin. The book not only discusses the glass typologically but also explores wider issues raised by the mixed cargo concerning the nature of trade in the Eastern Adriatic during the 16th century. The publication not only presents the glass to a wider audience in an accessible and comprehensive way, but it also provides a valuable step for further research into the rich, but thus far understudied, material cultural heritage of the region.

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