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Cultural heritage and legal aspects in Europe

Avtor / Author: edited by Mitja Guštin and Terje Nypan

Strani / Pages: 204 str. : ilustr., zvd. ; 21 cm

Leto / Published: 2010

Jezik / Language: angleški

ISBN: 978-961-6328-80-7

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Cultural heritage and legal aspects in Europe

Avtor / Authors: edited by Mitja Guštin and Terje Nypan

This publication “Cultural Heritage and Legal Aspects in Europe” presents some relevant examples of issues that arise in the attempt to preserve cultural heritage within the legislative and technical norms of contemporary European regulations. It is the result of a joint effort and collaboration between the Institute for Mediterranean Heritage of the University of Primorska in Slovenia, the European Heritage Legal Forum and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage at the Council of Europe. The contributions highlight the support for conservation policies in international Conventions and Charters and from UNESCO Conventions,
the Conventions of the Council of Europe, European Union legislation, as well as national legislation issues.

Mitja Guštin, Terje Nypan: Why bother with legislation?
Mitja Guštin, Neža Čebron Lipovec: Heritage between Legislation and Tourism
Daniel Thérond: The Council of Europe conventions in the field of cultural heritage and landscape: trends and prospects .
Terje Nypan: Effects of European Union legislation on the built cultural heritage
Rob Pickard: European Heritage Laws and Planning Regulations: Integration, Regeneration and Sustainable Development
Kerstin Odendahl: Global conventions for the protection of cultural heritage
Marc-André Renold, Marie Cornu: New developments in the restitution of cultural property: Alternative means of dispute resolution
Savin Jogan: Slovenian legislation in the field of cultural property protection: data, developments and some dilemmas
Andrej Gaspari: Purchase, compensation or reward? Abolition scheme for the illegally excavated artifacts between law and practice (experience from the Republic of Slovenia)
Stefano Della Torre: Conservation of built cultural heritage, laws enabling preventive approach: the case of Italy
Alfredo Ronchi: Cultural Heritage and Legal Aspects in Europe: eGovernment and ICT impact
Kersti Berggren: To experience institutional capacity-building in Kosovo as an international expert

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