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Avtorji / Authors: Rado Pišot, Ron Kipp & Matej Supej

Strani / Pages: 143

Leto / Published: 2015

Jezik / Language: english

ISBN: 978-961-6964-25-8

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Šifra: 978-961-6964-25-8
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SKIING IS A GAME. Pedagogical and biomechanical foundations of learning to ski

Authors: Rado Pišot, Ron Kipp & Matej Supej

2nd print


“Parents, instructors and coaches will find Skiing is a Game a treasure. While instilling a love of the outdoors children learn the basics of healthy lifestyle, sport and skill development in a playful atmosphere. The presentation and content are completely in synchronization with the basic principles of children’s alpine skiing development with a focus on: fun, fundamentals and fitness.”

Walt Evans, National Competition Director, United States Ski and Snowboard Association

“To present skiing in a way that ensures an adequate and quality professional approach, provides insight into the basic pedagogical and biomechanical knowledge necessary for teaching, and at the same time motivates the reader to learn to ski, is not an easy task. The authors of Skiing is a Game have certainly succeeded in achieving just that.”

Prof. Milan Žvan, PhD, Dean of Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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ISBN 978-961-6964-25-8
Število strani 143