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AYURVEDA. A new way for healthy life in Europe

Zbrala in uredila / Edited by: Samo Kreft and Lenart Škof

Strani / Pages: 215

Leto / Published: 2010

Jezik / Language: angleški / English

ISBN 978-961-6328-78-4

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AYURVEDA. A new way for healthy life in Europe : [a collection of papers from the International Scientific Conference on Ayurveda, Portorož, Slovenia, March 5-6, 2009]


Zbrala in uredila / Edited by: Samo Kreft and Lenart Škof 

Health and disease are among the fundamental aspects of human experience. The two concepts stretch into the very roots of human understanding of nature and have a significant impact on the conceptualization of different cultures.

The present proceedings of the International Symposium on Ayurveda call attention to all the elements of human relationship to oneself and to one’s health. If Europe wishes to abandon its insistence on one-sided conceptions of health and disease and if its view does not expand into a holistic understanding of the human being, not only through Ayurveda, but also by attracting other related non-European traditional and holistic medical systems, then its future is uncertain. Ayurveda is precisely what can help many individuals for whom the so-called official medicine does not have an answer, or its answers and solutions are only associated with the implementation of an increasing number of drugs with many side-effects on the already weakened human balance.

(From Nadja Furlan Štante, Anton Mlinar, and Lenart Škof: Introduction)


Financialy supported by Department of AYUSH of the Government of India.

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ISBN 978-961-6328-78-4
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