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ZRS Koper is a leading organisation of five and a partner organisation in further two research programmes.


Slovenhood Dimensions between Local and Global at the Beginning of the Third Millennium

The key goal of our research is a deeper understanding of Slovenhood, which will deviate from the traditional concept of national identity, while at the same time allowing its status and existence.

Kinesiology for Quality of Life

With evolution and technological development, we have begun to neglect one of the basic biological needs - exercise - and have forgotten the important role it plays and the impact it has on our health and function. The general lack of physical activity (PA), the ageing of the population, the earlier onset of degenerative processes, a sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, environmental and ergonomic influences and extreme workloads are all factors that have a direct impact on an individual’s performance and quality of life.

The Mediterranean and Slovenia

The research programme The Mediterranean and Slovenia draws its scientific potential from a specifically structured milieu that emerged at the intersection between the Adriatic and Central Europe, and which from a historiographic viewpoint highlights the contiguity, and the borderland and interactive character of the Slovenian Mediterranean region.

Constructive Theology in the Age of Digital Culture and Anthropocene

The main aim of this research programme is to understand and bring into dialogue the role of Christianity in the ethics of environmental protection, ecological awareness and ecological empowerment on the one hand, and the theological and philosophical interpretations of technology, especially digital technologies, on the other.

Liminal Spaces: Areas of Cultural and Societal Cohabitation in the Age of Risk and Vulnerability

This research programme focuses on investigating the complexity of the proposed problems by using a combined and coordinated interdisciplinary approach of internationally recognised research groups from the fields of humanities (philosophy) and social sciences (sociology), thus deepening and extending the work already successfully initiated and carried out.

Social Contract in the 21st Century

In contemporary society many of the Enlightenment foundations have been challenged. In the next research period, the program adds to the research of the fate of the social contract the specific context of the “European contract”, that is a contract about the unified Europe after the crises (financial, refugee, Brexit).

Asian Languages and Cultures

The Asian region represents an increasingly important area of explosive economic development, as well as political and social transitions, influencing not only the inner structure of Asian societies, but also the international relations on the global level.