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Impact of reduced physical activity on human health: comparison of younger and older adults

Impact of reduced physical activity on human health: comparison of younger and older adults

Cognitive-inclusive approaches to cross-language awareness in the linguistic integration of children with migrant background

The research project is conceived as a response to the changing global social reality associated with an increasingly multi-ethnic society, caused also by continuous migration flows and the changes in the functioning of the world order in the light of the transition from a multilateral to a multipolar world. This consequently affects national social policies and strategies.

Being European and decolonial: Utopian realism of the Yugoslav nonaligned internationalism

The project address the ‘global’ Yugoslavia – the only major European member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) – as a fascinating conjuncture of political, economic and cultural ideas and realities of the industrialised North and the postcolonial South from the late 1950s to the late 1980s.

Rendering a globalization otherwise

The project is concerned with the political, economic and anthropological aspects of a unique concept of globalization developed between the early 1960s and late 1980s within the Group of 77 and the Non-Aligned Movement.

Physical inactivity induced neuromuscular impairment: comparison of younger and older adults

Project activities will focus on neuromuscular and metabolic deterioration during PI and recovery thereafter. The effects of PI will be studied using highly controlled bed rest, which is considered the gold standard for studying PI, in 10 younger (18-30 years) and 10 older (55-65 years) male adults for 21 and 10 days, respectively.

Machine Learning is promising “vaccine” for injury prevention and prediction in female team sports

In recent years, the participation, professionalism, and success of women in sports has increased exponentially. However, there is a dangerous gap in the development and popularization of women's sports due to the lack of sports science and sports medicine research on elite, sub-elite and amateur female athletes.

The role of the brain in physical and mental fatigue

In this project we want to determine how (mechanistically) and where (location in the brain) fatigue resides. To do this we will manipulate brain neurotransmission (serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline) and we will determine which brain regions play an important role in the onset of physical and mental fatigue through the measurement of brain activity with EEG.

Religious change in Slovenia and Yugoslavia: Religious conversions and processes of atheization

The project aims to explore religious transformations in 20th century Slovenia and Yugoslavia marked by various kinds of religious agency that cuts across established norms, legal frameworks, and cultural expectations. This constitutes one of the first study in the region using a broad-based understanding of religious conversions to probe the religious changes in Slovenia and Yugoslavia and the process of formation or reformation of religious minorities.

A child-centred approach to integrating immigrant children: the role of school in integration with regard to the parents’ aspect

ARIS Code: Z5-3219 Project duration: 1. 10. 2021–31. 5. 2024 Project leader: Maja Zadel, PhD Participating institute at ZRS Koper:...

Decade of Decadence. Citizenship, Belonging, and Indifference to the State in the Northern Adriatic Borderland, 1914-1924

ARIS Code: J6-3121 Project duration: 1. 10. 2021–30. 9. 2024 Project leader: Borut Klabjan, PhD Participating institute at ZRS Koper: Institut...

Freedom of opinion and expression through the narratives on the state of emergency: anthropological study of Slovenian (anti)democratic consciousness during the Covid-19 epidemics

The overall objective of the project is to examine conceptualizations of freedom of opinion and expression as they emerge through narratives of state of emergency by conducting systematic anthropological socio-legal research over a three-year period.

Prospective analysis of sport injuries in elite athletes: epidemiology, prediction and safe return to sport

ARIS Code: L7-3187 Project duration: 1. 10. 2021–30. 9. 2024 Project leader: Rado Pišot, PhD Participating institute at ZRS Koper: Institute for Kinesiology...

Strengthening a (socio)constructivist approach in Slovenian border regions Primary Neighbouring Language (NL) teaching and learning through a co-constructed extension and evaluation of the CoBlaLT model

The project is a study in the field Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics, which aims to, strengthen socio-constructivist NL / FL teaching and learning in Slovenian primary schools along the border and possibly in Slovenian FL primary education in order to make teaching on FL more authentic, oriented towards critical thinking, cognitively based, affectively oriented and socially engaged.

Norm transfer in the EU and Slovenia – evaluating environmental and sustainability transformation

The project seeks to characterise recent environmental regulation from a temporal and spatial perspective, especially against the notion of sustainability and legal principle of sustainable development. The purpose is to contribute to an understanding of recent EU and transnational regulatory action related to the environment, including its drivers, assumptions and the scope of ambition in relation to sustainability, but also to include excluded voices.

Cultural-historical aspects of senescence: experiences, representations, identities

The project research will focus on cultural and social aspects of ageing in the Slovene part of the Habsburg monarchy in the period between 1848 and 1914.