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Our Mission

ZRS Koper develops its activity in concrete projects of cooperation with national as well as international academic, scientific and research environment and by interacting with specific target audience and general society. Since the operations of the ZRS Koper base on interdisciplinary work, involving humanities, social and natural sciences, the scientific and research activities are focused on studying specific life-related issues and the work of individuals as well as the society in the specific environments of the Mediterranean, the upper Adriatic region and central Europe.

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Stable funding for scientific research

On 1 January 2022, a new Law on Scientific Research and Innovation Activities (ZZrID) entered into force, introducing stable funding for scientific research activities as a major innovation.

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National research projects

ZRS Koper has been acting as a leading or partner organization in various national projects for several years.

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International and EU projects

ZRS Koper has substantial experience in managing and cooperating on a range of European research projects, including ERC, Horizon, Framework programmes, and Territorial cooperation programmes.

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Other projects

The SRC Koper cooperates in research work with numerous public institutes, institutions, societies and business companies, and provides key infrastructure and research support to the work of some government departments within ministries and agencies.