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Bibliographic research performance and CRIS

Research Areas:

  • research work in the oliveculture in the field of olive oil, olives and olive leaf analytics, with emphasis on the introduction of new methods of gas, liquid and mass chromatography
  • accreditation activities: implementation, validation of analytical methods
  • participation in the execution of public services and research projects


Gašper Kozlovič is a 2016 graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Maribor, Slovenia.

Since January to February 2019, he has been employed as Laborant V at the Institute for Oliveculture at the ZRS Koper. Since June 2019 he has been working as an associate at the Laboratory of the Institute for Oliveculture. In 2020, he introduced an in-development method to determine volatile components in olive oil using the SPME-GC-MS technique. In the same year, he participated in an interlaboratory comparison in testing this analytical method. Between 2019 and 2021, he participated in an interlaboratory comparison of new methods for the determination of biophenols in olive oil. In 2021, he participated in the development of a new method for determining the mineral nutrient content of soil using a NIR photometer.