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Institute for Oliveculture

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Inštitut za oljkarstvo

The Institute for Oliveculture (IZO) has been overseeing the social, professional, scientific, technological and economic growth of olive cultivation in Slovenia since 1994. It is directly embedded in the environment, which allows it to be in constant connection with national and international experts involved in the field of oliveculture, metrology, health protection, food quality and agriculture.

The staff upgrade their work through national and international projects (to date the institute has completed 50 projects), that have allowed them to gain cutting-edge knowledge in the field of olive oil characterisation, food quality, chemistry, agronomy, environmental protection, climate change, olive oil production and olive growing.

The professional excellence of the institute has been recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food of Slovenia, which in 2017 appointed the institute as a public service provider in the field of olive growing, within which the IZO acts as the national coordinator for oliveculture. In carrying out its professional tasks, and national and international projects, great support is provided by the Laboratory IZO as well as the Centre for Mediterranean Cultures.

Head: dr. Maja Podgornik, Research Associate

Tel.: +386 5 663 77 74

The IZO team