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Centre for Mediterranean Cultures

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Center mediteranskih kultur

The Centre for Mediterranean Cultures (CMK) is an infrastructural unit of the ZRS Koper, which offers support to research and professional activities of the Institute for Oliveculture and the accredited Laboratory of the Institute for Oliveculture.

CMK includes laboratories and experimental plantations with analytical and measuring equipment. It enables the development of physio-chemical and sensory analytical methods, field experiments and measurements, the examination of plant response to climate change, pest attacks and introduction of new technologies. Eight olive irrigation demonstration plantations with meteorological stations are included in the Agrometeorological Portal of Slovenia (Agromet) and maintained by CMK.

The objectives of CMK are: to connect and strengthen the cooperation of key actors in the field of olive growing, agriculture, and the food sector; to provide support for the implementation of quality control of locally produced food; to develop and introduce new technologies; to mitigate the effects of climate change on food production; to control diseases and pests, and to carry out educational and promotional activities.

Head: dr. Vasilij Valenčič

Tel.: +386 5 663 77 00

The CMK team