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Bibliographic research performance and CRIS

Research Areas:

  • Socio-spatial challenges
  • Migration
  • Inclusion of migrants in the society


Sandra Končan applied to undergraduate programme Media and communication studies at Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, where she graduated in the year of 2016. Later she also enrolled in master’s programme of Sociology. In 2020 she finnished her masters thesis with the title »Challenges of protected area management: The example of Landscape park Debeli rtič« and she obtained the master’s degree.

Since march 2022 Sandra is an employee at ZRS Koper as an assistant of research and she is working on a number of projects lead by the Institute for Social Studies.

In the past years she attended various congresses, conferences and symposiums regarding socio-spatial problems, sustainable development and conservation. Her field research about spatial management of a beach in Ankaran, was also published by Urban institute of the Republic of Slovenia.