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Institute for Social Studies

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Inštitut za družboslovne študije (IZDŠ)

We are inquisitive and critical researchers of social phenomena, paying particular attention to social inequalities and the needs of vulnerable and marginalised groups. Our research areas include ethnic, migration, and intercultural studies, nationalisms, old and new minorities, transcultural dynamics, everyday phenomena, families and family life, gender studies, human rights, children, and the impact of new technologies on different areas of social life. We believe that it is necessary to research social phenomena from the perspective of everyday life, to understand them interculturally, and to initiate action and change on a systemic level. This research approach enables us to study current social issues in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.

The main activities of the institute include the implementation of basic and applied research and the organisation of academic conferences, roundtables, and professional training events. In recent years, we have also focused on researching refugee issues, which opens opportunities for cooperation with various stakeholders in this field.

Head: dr. Mateja Sedmak, Principal Research Associate

Tel.: +386 5 663 77 00

The team