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Bibliographic research performance and CRIS

Research Areas:

  • Philosophy of law
  • Ontology
  • German classical philosophy


In 1992 Rok Svetlič enrolled at Faculty of Law of University of Ljubljana. Since he wanted to deepen the theoretical background of the study, in 1994 he enrolled also at Faculty of Arts of University of Ljubljana (department of philosophy). He graduated at both faculties. He continued his studies at postgraduate level, which he completed in 2002 with the defence of the master’s thesis entitled “Subject of the Ethical Mind”. In 2005, he defended his doctoral dissertation titled “The Law and Justice – Rehabilitation of Natural Law at Ronald Dworkin”, which, like the B.A. and M.A, was written under the mentoring of Akad. Prof. Valentin Hribar, PhD.

He works as a researcher at the Law institute of the ZRS Koper, where he is also a member of the ZRS Koper Scientific Council.

In the period from 2001 to 2006, he was a researcher at the Department of Philosophy at Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana. In 2006, he starts to work at Faculty of Humanistic Studies and Science and Research Centre of the University of Primorska. Within his pedagogical activity he lectured subjects “Human Rights” and “Philosophy of Law”. At the faculty, he was a head of the Department of Philosophy and a head of Chair for Law. He also exercised managerial functions (vice-dean) and leaded several committees. He was a mentor to many graduate, master and doctoral students. Within this institution, he organized and participated in the organization of numerous international congresses.
Up until 2020 Rok Svetlič published 37 scientific articles, 17 chapters in monographs, 6 monographs and one university textbook.

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