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EWAS Empowering Women in Alpine Skiing

European Commission: ERASMUS-SPORT-2022-SCP

Grant Agreement no.: 101089587

Project duration: 1. 4. 2023–31. 3. 2025

Project holder at ZRS KoperSaša Pišot, PhD

Participating institute at ZRS KoperInstitute for Kinesiology Research

Partner organisations:

  • Universita degli studi di Roma tor Vergata, Italy (lead partner)
  • Amateur Ski Club Ladinia-Alta Badia, Italy
  • Snowsports Association of Ireland
  • Danmarks Skiforbund, International Winter Sports Project, Denmark
  • A.I. Vicenza Asd, Italy
  • Regents of the University of Colorado,
  • Federation Royale Belge De Ski Vzw, Belgium

Empowering Women in Alpine Skiing (EWAS) aims to contribute to inclusion and diversity, in particular gender equality, and increase women’s employability in Alpine skiing by promoting education and skills development in the sport and thus improving the quality of coaching. EWAS’ primary target groups are women in Alpine skiing (coaches, administrators, racers).

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