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Institute for Kinesiology Research

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We are an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers in kinesiology and related fields: sports, medicine, rehabilitation, dietetics, ergonomics, psychology, and sociology. This allows us to investigate modern scientific questions in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.

Kinesiology for Quality of Life is the name of our research programme and our vision for integrative and broad investigation of health. We emphasise the importance of regular physical activity/sports for health and, independently, the negative consequences of physical inactivity. Our competencies are in studying the adaptation of human health to various health factors.

Thus, we focus on skeletal muscle plasticity, brain, muscle-brain interaction, psycho-social health factors, and providing a safe living and working environment. In doing so, we are able to carry out even the most demanding elemental research.

In 2021, we published 70 scientific articles in SCI journals, of which 51% were published in the most prestigious journals from the 1st quartile (A1). We also achieved 12,430 clean citations (CI10).

Head: dr. Boštjan Šimunič, Principal Research Associate

Tel.: +386 5 663 77 00