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ECO2SMART – Promoting active citizen awareness to strengthen resilience, ecosystem-based adaptation and risk prevention of disasters

European Commission: Interreg VI-A Italia-Slovenia 2014-2020, Capitalization project

Grant Agreement no.: ITA-SI0100053

Project duration: 1. 9. 2023–31. 8. 2025

Project holder at ZRS KoperLiliana Vižintin, PhD

Participating institute at ZRS KoperMediterranean Institute for Environmental Studies

Project partners:

  • Municipality of Koper, Slovenia (lead partner)
  • Science and Research Centre Koper, Slovenia
  • Municipality of Monfalcone, Italy
  • University of Padova, Italy
  • Shoreline Soc Coop, Italy
  • Consorzion di Bonifica Veneto Orientale, Italy

The ECO2SMART project promotes active awareness of citizens to strengthen ecosystem-based climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention. Through this boosting the resilience of the coastal areas involved in the project. It is intended to achieve this with the capitalization of ECOSMART which includes: 1) strengthening impact and consolidating outputs, 2) transferability/reuse of outputs, 3) providing better visibility with stakeholder awareness, training and participation. PP and PA of Slovenia, FVG and the Veneto Region are included in ECO2SMART, thus ensuring the relevance of the initiative for the program area. ECO2SMART includes 3 PPs, who participated in ECO-SMART, that will be in the role of GIVER and will make the effects of this project available to 3 new PP in the role of TAKER who would like to empower, reuse and enhance these effects. The PAs participating in ECO2SMART will also ensure the reuse of the effects of ECO-SMART in the role of TAKER.

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