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Mediterranean Health Centre

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The Mediterranean Health Centre fulfils its mission in close collaboration with the direct users of its services. The transfer of new knowledge from the research of the Institute for Kinesiology Research of ZRS Koper to end users focuses mainly on quality diagnostics and preventive and rehabilitative activities. To individuals and groups, recreational athletes and athletes of different ages, the centre offers a wide range of activities, programmes and interventions to ensure that their functional abilities and health are maintained. We focus intensely on quality and training adapted to specific groups and time periods, the most susceptible and vulnerable groups, and elite athletes.

Modern measurement equipment at the centre is used for functional diagnostics for the general and athletic populations, the development and planning of modern and integrated training and rehabilitation approaches tailored to the individual, the safe return to sports or work after injury, and the planning of a healthy life. One of the most important tasks of the centre is to carry out the activities of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence and the Olympic Reference Centre for Sports Medicine of the Slovenian Olympic Committee, which supports the sports and wider community.

Head: dr. Rado Pišot, Principal Research Associate

Contact: Matej Kleva, Pristaniška 45, 6000 Koper
Tel.: +386 40 873 779 (Matej)