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Centre for Project Management

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Center za upravljanje projektov

The Centre for Project Management is the central hub of the successful approach to the management of ZRS Koper’s international and national EU projects.

Its main task is to provide the most suitable solutions and timely information in the field of international and national EU projects, both to the research institutes within the organisation as well as stakeholders in the projects ZRS Koper is part of.

The centre implements its mission through key activities, which are usually completed in several stages. The centre offers identification and support in the implementation of project ideas, identifying the orientation and needs of the research institutes, and in cooperation with them creating project ideas and quality project applications. The main task of the centre is project management; by managing administrative processes it provides support in ensuring the quality implementation of the projects. The final tasks are reflected through the capitalisation on results and knowledge: the centre manages the knowledge base of past successfully-implemented projects, further upgrades it and thus capitalises on project outputs and results.

Head: Ana Šajn


Tel.: +386 5 663 77 37

The CPM team