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PITCH – Model for gender-sensitive intergration strategies based on Personalised, partIcipaTory, loCal, and multi-stakeHolder approaches

European Commission: AMIF Action Grant

Grant Agreement no.: 101038534

Project duration: 1. 1. 2022–31. 12. 2024

Project holder at ZRS Koper: Mateja Sedmak, PhD

Participating institute at ZRS KoperInstitute for Social Studies

Partner organisations:

  • CESIE, Italy (lead partner)
  • Comune di Palermo, Italy
  • SYMPLEXIS, Greece
  • Dimos Neapoles – Sukeon, Greece
  • Science and Research Centre Koper, Slovenia
  • Municipality of Koper, Slovenia
  • International Consulting and Mobility Agency SRL, Spain
  • Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, Spain
  • CSI Center for Social Innovation LTD, Cyprus
  • Municipality of Ipsonas, Cyprus
  • VSI Diversity Development Group, Lithuania
  • SWIDEAS AB, Sweden
  • Zwiek Mias Baltyckich Stowarzenie, Poland

PITCH is a 36-months project, aimed at establishing a common European ground to support the design and implementation of local integration strategies addressed to migrant women, based on a personalised, participatory, and multi-stakeholder approach. The project will do so by co-designing a model, translating it into 7 local strategies, and pilot-testing it with migrant women in Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Sweden.

PITCH envisages: context analysis to identify local needs, map stakeholders and analyse existing integration strategies; co-design of the PITCH model for integration strategies during international working groups; translation of the model into 7 local integration strategies for migrant women, with the support of local advisory committees; development of clusters of activities and their flexible combination into personalised roadmaps, to respond to the individual needs of migrant women identified through a prior profiling process; finalisation of the local strategies and the PITCH model based on pilot-testing results; capacity buildings, local panel discussions, webinars, local events and an international conference to promote the strategies and the PITCH model, and to encourage interaction with the local community. 210 migrant women and the staff of 5 municipalities, 7 organizations/research centres and 1 network of municipalities, will directly benefit from PITCH. Through the events and CBP, the project will reach out to social operators, policy-makers, relevant stakeholders in the field of strategy making and the wider public.

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