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Laboratory of the Institute for Kinesiology Research

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The Laboratory of the Institute for Kinesiology Research supports the research activities of the institute and the professional work of the Mediterranean Health Centre and, since 2015, the accredited activity of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. The laboratory is located at Pristaniška 45, Koper, and includes a mobile unit covering field services.

Although the laboratory offers a wide range of services, it is heavily involved in the development of skeletal muscle diagnostics and neurocognitive movement control. A particular achievement of the laboratory is the establishment of the Slovenian Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Laboratory (SloMoBIL), which focuses on the study of brain dynamics during movement.

The vision of the laboratory is to become the leading diagnostics laboratory for skeletal muscle and motor control in the field, providing both basic and applied research. We are laying the foundations of kinesiology and (neuro)ergonomics in society with the mission to study and promote a healthy lifestyle with expert-approved exercise, proper nutrition, and a suitable ergonomic environment.

Head: dr. Uroš Marušič, Senior Research Associate

Contact: Matej Kleva