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Crossborder standardization of institutional terminology Interreg VI-A Italia-Slovenia 2021-2027 ITA-SI00600194 Duration: 15. 4. 2024 – 14. 4. 2026 (24 months)...

Slovenhood Dimensions between Local and Global at the Beginning of the Third Millennium

The key goal of our research is a deeper understanding of Slovenhood, which will deviate from the traditional concept of national identity, while at the same time allowing its status and existence.

Cognitive-inclusive approaches to cross-language awareness in the linguistic integration of children with migrant background

The research project is conceived as a response to the changing global social reality associated with an increasingly multi-ethnic society, caused also by continuous migration flows and the changes in the functioning of the world order in the light of the transition from a multilateral to a multipolar world. This consequently affects national social policies and strategies.



The project LITMAG goal is to address the lack in documentation, analysis and public awareness of the role of European literary magazines, specifically the East European literary magazines, as voices of opposition to authoritarian and totalitarian regimes in the period post World War II, and – later – as vehicles for democratic transition and consolidation in the period of accession to the European Union and EU membership.

Strengthening a (socio)constructivist approach in Slovenian border regions Primary Neighbouring Language (NL) teaching and learning through a co-constructed extension and evaluation of the CoBlaLT model

The project is a study in the field Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics, which aims to, strengthen socio-constructivist NL / FL teaching and learning in Slovenian primary schools along the border and possibly in Slovenian FL primary education in order to make teaching on FL more authentic, oriented towards critical thinking, cognitively based, affectively oriented and socially engaged.