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Institute for Linguistic Studies

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Inštitut za jezikoslovne študije

The institute’s main focus is the study of languages in contact in the Northern Adriatic area, a linguistically complex region and a cultural crossroads between Central Europe and the Mediterranean.

We approach this area from the perspective of theoretical and applied linguistics, as well as literary theory and literary history. We are interested in the social position of languages and language as communication, and in our sociolinguistic research we study the fields of language policy, Slovene and Italian in public use, field-specific languages and language technologies, the power of language and non-violent communication. In the field of didactics of language and literature, we focus on the teaching of Slovene and Italian and multilingualism as a social and cultural value of the European area.

Diachronic aspects are mainly taken into account in the study of interferential dialectal phenomena in the context of dialectological and etymological research.

Head: dr. Vesna Mikolič, Principal Research Associate

Tel.: +386 5 663 77 18

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