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Recapitalization of MerlinCV – to provide inovative experiences of natural and cultural heritage in a cross-border area

Interreg VI-A Italija-Slovenija 2021-2027 ITA-SI101120150

Duration: 1. 7. 2023–30. 6. 2025

Coordinator at ZRS Koper: Tilen Glavina, PhD

Project’s budget: 749.373,20 EUR

Participating Institute at ZRS Koper: Institute for Historical Studies, LEAD PARTNER

Partners’ organizations:

  • Municipality of Tolmin, Slovenia
  • Venetian Cluster srl, Italy
  • INFORMEST – Centro di Servizi e Documentazione per la Cooperazione Economica Internazionale, Italy

Project Summary:

The cross-border project RecapMCV will contribute to the visibility of the cross-border tourism region by valorising, upgrading and promoting the digital products and their impacts, developed in the MerlinCV project, which are based on the valorisation of the untapped potentials of cultural and natural heritage and gastronomy.

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