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N.E.A.R. to Guardians

Networking and Exchange Activities to Reinforce Guardianship on Housing, labour and Education

AMIF-2023-AMIF 101140815

Duration: 1. 4. 2024–31. 03. 2026

Coordinator at ZRS Koper: Ksenija Perković. PhD

Project’s budget: 917.396,17 EUR

Participating Institute at ZRS Koper: Institute for Social Studies

Partners’ organizations:

  • Save The Children Italia Onlus Associazione, Italy (LEAD PARTNER)
  • Metadrasi Drasi Gia Thn Metanasteysi Kai Thn Anatpiksi, Greece
  • Fundacio Privada Per A La Recerca I La Docencia Sant Joan De Deu, Spain
  • Sant Joan De Déu Terres De Lleida, Spain
  • European Social Network, Belgium

Project Summary:

The key objective of the N.E.A.R. to Guardians project is to ensure full access to basic rights and strengthen the potential of unaccompanied minors in participating partner countries, with a focus on key areas of integration, such as accommodation and inclusion in education and employment.