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TESI –  Training and Education in Social Innovation

European Commission: Interreg ADRION Adriatic Ionian region, European regional development fund – Instrument for pre-accession II fund, Axis 1– Innovative and smart region, Topic 2: Support the development of a regional innovation system for the Adriatic-Ionian area

Grant Agreement no.: ADRION 1297

Project duration: 1. 2. 2023–30. 9. 2023

Project holder at ZRS KoperZorana Medarić, MSc

Participating institute at ZRS Koper: Institute for Social Studies

Partner organisations:

TESI aims at establishing a partnership that will work on the formulation of a Joint Master Programme on Social Innovation (JM). With this aim, the project focuses on two main objectives:

  1. to raise competences and skills on social innovation through capacity building approaches, with a focus on contemporary social challenges in public administration’s governance, urban regeneration, social entrepreneurship, welfare, migration;
  2. to establish a network of universities and research centres to define and implement the JM.

The partnership of 6 Universities and 1 research center from 6 Adrion Countries (Italy, Croatia, Greece, Albania, Serbia and Slovenia), with the support of the UNIADRION Network and other 4 associated partners from Italy, Slovenia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will cooperate and work together in project’s activities to favour the development, promotion and implementation of the JM. The main outputs of the project will be the creation of an innovative transnational network of Universities, research institutions and business organisations working in the field of social innovation, of a Strategy and an Action Plan for the development of the JM in Social Innovation. Effective communication activities and preparatory measures such as dedicated training of 25 person per country involved, under a tight quality control mechanism, will lead to a sustainable and structured Master Programme.

The Master will award a degree from at least two partner Universities: this will be established during the project implementation taking into account national legislations. The programme envisages funded mobility schemes to partner universities and includes also a training/internship period to allow students writing their thesis in a real-life working or research context.

For that purpose, TESI embraces several business and consortia in the project partnership, with which agreements for hosting students will be established. To achieve this result, activities such as online training courses and a summer school will be organized, together with study visits to further strengthen all PPs’ expertise and mutual knowledge, as well as to promote the future master.

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