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Fatima 2

FATIMA 2 – Preventing Honour Related Violence against women through Social Impact Projects and Peer Learning led by young men

European Commission: CERV – 2022 – DAPHNE

Grant Agreement no.: 101095877

Project duration: 1. 2. 2023–31. 1. 2025

Project holder at ZRS KoperBlaž Lenarčič, PhD

Participating institute at ZRS KoperInstitute for Social Studies

Partner organisations:

  • Stiftelsen Kursverksamheten Vid U-Auniversitet, Sweden (lead partner)
  • Rinova Málaga Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal, Spain
  • Gender Alternatives Foundation, Bulgaria
  • Francais Pour L’insertion Sociale Et Professionne, France
  • Refugee Team B.V., Netherlands
  • Arci Aps, Italy
  • Dimitra Ekpaiditiki Simvilitiki Ae, Greece
  • Habitemus

FATIMA2 aims contribute to ending honour crimes against women by promoting attitude and behaviour change among young men in contexts where women are most at risk, such as segregated migrant communities. It will do so through a non-formal education programme directed at young men, in dialogue and cooperation with their community, local authorities, NGOs and civil society. The project addresses the call Priority 2 Combating and preventing violence linked to harmful practices in that it proposes a multi-stakeholder and multilayer capacity building programme aimed at promoting positive change in attitudes and behaviours to counteract and eradicate honour crimes against women and children.