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Institute for Behavioural Economics

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Inštitut za vedenjsko ekonomijo

One of the most important challenges to humanity’s existence today is its resilience and its ability to solve decision-making problems. Both resilience and the ability to solve problems are related to human nature, creativity and understanding of human behavioural constraints. The many challenges facing modern society often pose difficult tests for modern humans, who are accustomed to a relatively easy life.

The Institute of Behavioural Economics (IBE) aims to investigate the key factors that influence the ability of individuals, groups and organisations to adapt positively to changing life circumstances. In collaboration with a broad interdisciplinary team, it aims to provide solutions to address current and future challenges more effectively and efficiently. The aim is to better understand how decision-making (choice) in all its dimensions influences human behaviour and, indirectly, outcomes in an environment characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This is not just about the classical distribution of limited economic goods, but about any situation in which an individual or organisation has to choose (make a choice) between different options and the consequences of that choice have an important long-term impact. This kind of research has the potential to improve our collective well-being and contribute to sustainable development and quality of life.

Head: dr. Roberto Biloslavo, Principal Research Associate

Tel.: +386 5 663 77 00