Poligrafi (1996- ), is a peer-reviewed annual scholarly journal for philosophy. The journal is published by the Scientific Publishing House Annales ZRS Koper (from 2013) and Society for Comparative Religion (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Its primary aim and mission is publishing scholarly articles covering the wide range of philosophical topics with a more prominent accent on ethics, philosophy of religion, and cosmology.

ISSN 1318-8828 (print), ISSN 2232-2833 (online)

Financial support: Slovenian Research Agency.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement (pdf)

About the journal

The journal Poligrafi is a quarterly, with two double issues.

Indexed in: The Philosopher’s Index

Editor-in-Chief: Helena Motoh (ZRS Koper)

Editorial Board: Lenart Škof (ZRS Koper) Igor Škamperle (Univ. of Ljubljana), Mojca Terčelj (Univ. of Primorska), Miha Pintarič (Univ. of Ljubljana), Rok Svetlič (ZRS Koper), Anja Zalta (Univ. of Ljubljana)

International Editorial Board: D. Kleinberg-Levin (Northwestern University), R. A. Mall (Universität München), M. Ježić (Filozofski fakultet, Zagreb), M. Volf (Yale University), K. Wiredu (University of South Florida), D. Thomas (University of Birmingham), M. Kerševan (Filozofska fakulteta, University of Ljubljana), F. Leoncini (Università degli Studi di Venezia), T. Garfitt (Oxford University), M. Zink (Collège de France), A. Louth (Durham University), P. Imbert (University of Ottawa), Ö. Turan (Middle-East Technical University, Ankara), B. Mezzadri (Université d’Avignon), A. M. Bárabas (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Oaxaca), M. Uršič (University of Ljubljana), K. von Stosch (Universität Paderborn), G. Andrejč (University of Groningen), J. Robbins (Lebanon Valley College, Annville), N. Vahanian (Lebanon Valley College, Annville)

Book Reviews-Editor: Tomaž Grušovnik