The publishing activity of the ANNALES ZRS is based on the traditional approach of intellectual property development and, consequently, on the dissemination of the academic and didactic production of the scientific community. Its successful operation and recognised publishing label, under which scientific and professional monographs, scientific journals, proceedings of national and international meetings, and different information materials are published, significantly contributes to the reputation of the Slovenian scientific and academic sphere.

The basic focus of the ANNALES ZRS, Scientific Publishing House of ZRS Koper is interdisciplinary work, comparative and intercultural studies and orientation in the multicultural area, the Mediterranean region, as well as European area.

It issues a wide range of scientific monographs and journals in various scientific areas, especially history, sociology, ethnic studies, linguistics and literature, geography, archaeology, cultural heritage, philosophy, art history, kinesiology, pedagogy, Mediterranean agriculture and olive growing as well as biodiversity.

Mission and vision

The mission and primary goal of the Publishing House is to publish new relevant studies performed by distinguished Slovenian and international researchers.

Our aim is to achieve even more in the market and as well as external experts the opportunity to publish quality publications in printed and electronic form, thus enabling the recognition and popularisation of scientific, research and applied achievements of domestic researchers in Slovenia and abroad.


Head: Alenka Obid, Editor

Phone: +386 5 663 77 83


Založba Annales ZRS Koper

Obid Alenka

samostojna strokovna delavka VII/2
Phone: +386 5 663 77 83
Založba Annales ZRS Koper

Rupnik Nives

področna svetovalka I
Phone: +386 5 663 77 83
ANNALES ZRS, Scientific Publishing House of ZRS Koper

Rupnik Nives

Sectoral Adviser
Phone: +386 5 663 77 06


Two scientific journals are published at the ANNALES ZRS, Scientific Publishing House of ZRS Koper:

Monographs are published in collections:

  • Knjižnica Annales Kinesiologiae,
  • Knjižnica Annales Ludus (in co-operation with University of Primorska, Faculty of Education),
  • some of them are published outside the collections.


Along with scientific papers, the ANNALES ZRS also publishes various expert publications:

  • Glasnik ZRS Koper (journal),
  • professional monographs generally connected to the implementation of various (especially international) projects, and
  • study books.