Centre for Venetian History and Cultural Heritage was established within the framework of the international strategic project SHARED CULTURE. The scope of the Centre’s activities comprises the studies, the presentation and the documentation of material and intangible cultural heritage with the help of modern information technology. The researchers who work at the Centre come from various academic and research fields and they deal with a wide range of areas, including the history of institutions, society and economy, as well as culture, language, art, and architecture of the Venetian period.

Centre is predominantly active in the fields of valorisation and promotion of the shared cultural heritage of the Italy – Slovenia cross-border area, which has origins from the common historical influences of the Venetian Republic and constitutes an important element of the Slovenian national identity.


Head: Tilen Glavina, PhD


Phone: +386 5 663 77 00


Center za beneško zgodovino in kulturno dediščino

dr. Glavina Tilen

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