The Centre for Project Management (CPM) is an infrastructural unit that cooperates with other organisational units of the ZRS Koper and with project teams in the phases of project proposal preparation and in the implementation of international projects as well as the development of international project activities of the ZRS Koper. The Centre was established in 2010 with the aim to succeed in applying for international tenders and to increase the efficacy of project implementation. Within its operations, the unit implements project-related tasks, i.e. in the field of finance, project controlling, legal basis and project management.

Competences and achievements

Within the scope of its operations so far, the Centre has offered its services in the implementation of numerous projects within the scope of the following programmes: Cross-Border Cooperation Slovenia – Italy 2007–2013, OP IPA Slovenia – Croatia 2007–2013, SEE Programme, IPA Adriatic Initiative Programme, Lifelong Learning Programme and at numerous tenders procured by the European Commission.

The Centre also financially manages, coordinates and administers two strategic projects (SIGMA2 and Shared Culture) as the leading partner, i.e. in a total value exceeding EUR 7 mil.

Mission and vision

The mission of the Centre is to offer specialised professional assistance and services in finance/controlling to project teams, as well as legal support and project management services with the purpose of increasing the efficacy and success rate of applications and the implementation of international projects of the ZRS Koper.

The vision of CPM is to become a catalyst for the quality development of the international project activity at the ZRS Koper.

Head: Tereza Černigoj

Phone: +386 5 663 77 37


Centre for Project Management

Tereza Černigoj

Sectoral Adviser
Head of Unit
Phone: +386 5 663 77 00
Centre for Project Management

Nives Rupnik

Sectoral Adviser
Phone: +386 5 663 77 06
Centre for Project Management

Barbara Pandev

Sectoral Adviser
Phone: +386 5 663 77 37
Centre for Project Management

Matej Milošević

Sectoral Adviser
Phone: +386 5 663 77 16
Centre for Project Management

Snežana Jerman

Sectoral Adviser
Phone: +386 5 663 77 26