Phone: +386 5 663 77 97

Research areas:

  • Sociology; Geography
  • Globalization processes; development strategies; political geography


Kristjan Nemac graduated and got his Master’s degree at the Faculty of Arts University of Ljubljana. In 2016, he finished his Master’s degree in Sociology of Culture, with the thesis »’No one represents us’: Application, verification and reflection of Paul Mason’s theses about contemporary uprisings around the world in the case of Slovenia”.

In October 2016, he was employed at ZRS Koper as a young researcher under the mentorship of dr. Milan Buffon. In his Ph.D. thesis, he researches the effects of globalisation processes and analyses them in the complex relationship between the global and the local level. He studies the responses of microstructures and the preparation of possible development strategies in the changing macroeconomic and political circumstances. In 2018, he received an ASEF fellowship, and he visited the University of Washington, USA. During the visit, he analyses the environmental policies among the largest ports in the USA and explore the causes for a different level of their implementation.

Research activities:

Kristjan Nemac is a member of the research program »Areas of cultural contact in integration processes«and he is also part of a national research project »Substantive representation of youth in representative bodies«.