JURE RAMŠAK, PhD, Research Associate

Institute for Historical Studies

Tel.: +386 5 663 77 00

E-naslov: jure.ramsak@zrs-kp.si

Research Areas:

  • Contemporary History
  • Intellectual history
  • Political and economic history of Slovenia and Yugoslavia


Jure Ramšak graduated from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska, in 2008. He became a young researcher and enrolled in the doctoral course at the same faculty, which he completed in 2013 with the dissertation entitled “Dissent in Self-management Socialism. Contents and Position of Social Criticism in Slovenia, 1972–1980.”

As a Research Associate at the Institute for Historical Studies, SRC Koper, Jure Ramšak has been, since 2018, managing a basic research project about the engagement between Marxism and Christianity in Slovenia during the years 1931–1991. Before that, he completed two post-doctoral projects and participated as an assistant in numerous national and international projects. In recent years, Ramšak has co-organised several international scientific conferences, participating, since 2015, in a DAAD international research networking project run by Humboldt University of Berlin. Between 2009 and 2011, he was also editor of the historiographical journal “Acta Histriae.”

As a student of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska, Ramšak was a recipient of the Srečko Kosovel award for outstanding achievement in preparing his graduate thesis.

Jure Ramšak has authored two scientific monographs and over a dozen research articles that were published by leading academic periodicals, such as the “Journal of Church and State” and “Religion, State and Society.” His bibliography comprises a total of more than 70 items.

Research activity:

Currently, Jure Ramšak is managing a basic research project entitled “The Engagement between Marxism and Christianity in Slovenia, 1931–1991” financed by the Slovenian Research Agency. In the years 2014–2015 he completed a post-doctoral project within the programme for promoting researchers starting their careers, which is co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Republic of Slovenia, and another one-year post-doctoral project awarded by the University of Primorska. Since the completion of his doctoral studies in 2013, Ramšak has contributed important research findings in the framework of the projects “The Yugoslav Self-Management Experiment and the Discussion on Development of European Socialism between East and West (1950–1980)” and “Slovene Diplomats and Foreign Policy Aspects of the Independence Process of the Republic of Slovenia, 1980–1992.” During this same period, he worked in projects of bilateral cooperation with the Ukraine, Russia, the USA and China as part of the research groups, and participated as the Slovene member in the DAAD project of research networking among universities from the territories of former Yugoslavia, run by Humboldt University of Berlin.

In the capacity of a member of programme committees, Ramšak has organised two international conferences: “International and Transnational Aspects of the Yugoslav Crisis and the Establishment of Successor States, 1980–1992” (2016) and “The Yugoslav Laboratory of Political Innovation: the Origins, Synthesis and International Influences of Self-management Socialism” (2018). As a member of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, he has spoken at conventions of this association and at a number of other conferences and invited lectures in Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Croatia and elsewhere.