MAJA BJELICA, PhD, Research Assistant

Institute for Philosophical Studies

Phone: +386 5 663 77 71

E-mail: maja.bjelica@zrs‐

Research Areas:

  • Philosophy, anthropology and musicology;
  • Ethics of hospitality and intersubjectivity;
  • Intercultural philosophy;
  • Anthropology of religion, interreligious dialogue;
  • Applied ethnomusicology, community music;
  • Transdisciplinary methods of cultural phenomena research.


Maja Bjelica graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana in the framework of a double major in Philosophy and Musicology in 2011. She obtained a PhD in Anthropology in 2018 at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Primorska with a doctoral dissertation »A Philosophical-anthropological Study of the Possibilities of the Ethics of Hospitality: Breath, Silence and Listening in Spaces of intersubjectivity.«

Maja Bjelica has been working as a research assistant since 2019 within the Institute for Philosophical Studies ZRS Koper. Previously, she was employed as a young researcher at the same institute between 2013 and 2017, following the mentorship of Prof Dr Lenart Škof. During this period she  trained as an assistant at the Department of Musicology at the National Conservatory of Turkish Music at Technical University in Istanbul (Turkey, 2015) with Dr Belma Oğul; at the Department of Thematic Studies, Gender Studies, Linköping University (Sweden, 2016) with Dr Nina Lykke; and the Department of Ethnomusicology and Ethnochoreology at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, with Dr Catherine Foley and Dr Colin Quigley. In the 2012/2013 school year, she taught music education at Ciril Kosmač Piran Elementary School.

She publishes original and review scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals and participates at interdisciplinary scientific symposia and conferences. As (co)editor, she participated in three issues of the journal Poligrafi.

Research activity:

Dr. Maja Bjelica participates in the research program »Območja kulturnega stika v integracijskih procesih« [Areas of Cultural Contact in Integration Processes] (P6-0279), focusing on philosophical, anthropological and cultural aspects of cultural pluralism and intercultural dialogue. Special topics that she covers in this context are connected to the ethics of hospitality, as well as links between these topics and aspects of thinking of contemporary Europe and its borders (the researcher has devoted part of her specialization in her previous research work to Turkey and its cultures).

Dr Maja Bjelica is also involved in the national project »Medreligijski dialog – temelj za sožitje različnosti v luči migracij in begunske krize« [Interreligious Dialogue – a Basis for Coexisting Diversity in the Light of Migration and the Refugee Crisis] (J6-9393), exploring in particular the different aspects of the role of listening for interreligious dialogue, as it is an essential task for every person in order to contribute to interreligious communication. The researcher focuses on the possibility of the emergence of an ethics of listening based on musical engagement, which represents a hospitable space of encouragement for mutually affectionate intersubjective gestures.

She is actively involved in organizational committees of international scientific conferences that are mainly organised by the Institute for Philosophical Studies. Up to date, she contributed to the preparations the following events: Poesis of Peace (Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia, May 15–18, 2014), »borders/debordering«: Towards a New World Culture of Hospitality (Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia, June 30–July 3, 2016), Terrors of Injustice: Gender Violence and Ethics of Shame (Utrecht, Netherlands, October 4–5, 2018), New Philosophical and Theological Foundations for Christian-Muslim Dialogue (Portorož, Slovenia, May 27–29, maj 2019), Towards Tolerant and Plural Dialogues of Values and Religion in the Euro-Mediterranean (Triest, Italy, September 26–27, 2019).