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Invitation to a SPOZNAJ – Casual Conversations About Science event: “Wisdom: Lost Virtue or Essence of Modern Humanity”

The Science and Research Centre of Koper (ZRS)

in collaboration with the Koper Theatre

invites you

to the third event of the SPOZNAJ – Casual Conversations About Science series named “Wisdom: Lost Virtue or Essence of Modern Humanity”,

which will take place on Monday, 20 May 2024, at 7.00 PM, at the Koper Theatre.

The discussion will be enriched by the presence of:

• Dr Aleksander Zadel, clinical psychologist and director of the C.A.R. Institute,

• Dr Lenart Škof, philosopher and religious scholar, head of the Institute for Philosophical and Religious Studies at ZRS Koper,

• Dr Primož Krečič, theologian and publicist, canon of Koper Cathedral,

• Vlasta Nussdorfer, lawyer, writer, and humanitarian, former Human Rights Ombudsman of Slovenia.

The event will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Roberto Biloslavo, head of the Institute for Behavioral Economics at ZRS Koper.

In an era of unprecedented technological advancement and readily available infinite knowledge that is just a click away, individuals can easily get lost in the deluge of information, the origin, purpose and meaning of which is often unknown. Which human virtue can help us navigate a world whose complexity is becoming unmanageable? The time has come to consider the role of wisdom in shaping our lives, decisions and social progress. During the roundtable discussion, we will debate the importance of wisdom in today’s world and contemplate whether it is merely an illusion or whether it remains the fundamental essence of contemporary human experience. Participants will exchange views on wisdom as a guiding principle for personal growth, ethical decision-making and creating a more harmonious society, even in the face of increasingly present artificial intelligence.

We kindly ask you to confirm your attendance HERE.

You are cordially invited!