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Liminal Spaces: Areas of Cultural and Societal Cohabitation in the Age of Risk and Vulnerability

ARIS Code: P6-0279

Period: 1. 1. 2020–31. 12. 2027

Head of research programme: dr. Lenart Škof

This research programme focuses on investigating the complexity of the proposed problems by using a combined and coordinated interdisciplinary approach of internationally recognised research groups from the fields of humanities (philosophy) and social sciences (sociology), thus deepening and extending the work already successfully initiated and carried out. The studies in this programme will be focussed in particular on the liminal spaces, emerging within various cultural and societal areas, with their inherent risks and vulnerabilities analysed from the philosophical and sociological, but also broadly humanistic (feminist and gender studies, religious studies and cultural studies) points of view. Within recent developments – such as migration and humanitarian crisis in Europe and especially in the Mediterranean, political processes that threaten or even block further European integration and with the demise of the multi- or intercultural values and values of interreligious dialogue in favor or a more populist scenarios, we are in a need of a response and an indepth study of contemporary phenomena, related to the risks (tat are social and political) and vulnerabilities (as related to the human body and her/his identity) as present and detected in our societies and as found within communities that we are a part of. The main topics and objectives of this project will be: investigations into liminal spaces and borders shaping our lives in the age of uncertainty; studies of the elements of risk society with migration, especially as related to vulnerable bodies and identities of children/minors, women, migrants, dispossessed persons, religious minorities etc.; studies of cultural and societal liminal and contact areas in light of intercultural and interreligous dialogue; finally, peace building and studies in ethics and politics of hospitality and social and political cohabitation, also as related to the future role of Islam in Europe. Within the programme, we will innovatively apply the concept of caring democracy to the field of vulnerability and risk and propose a new view on social and political cohabitation in Europe and in the Mediterranean.

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