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BioTech2Agri logotip barvno

Interreg VI-A Italia-Slovenia 2021-2027 ITA-SI0600180

Duration: 15. 4. 2024- 14. 4. 2026

Coordinator at ZRS Koper: Maja Podgornik, PhD

Project’s budget: 886.560,89 EUR

Participating Institute at ZRS Koper: The Institute for Oliveculture

Partners’ organizations:

  • Regijska razvojna agencija ROD Ajdovščina, Slovenia (LEAD PARTER)
  • Venetian Cluster, Italy
  • Fondazione agrifood & Bioeconomy FGV, Italy
  • INFORMEST – Centro di Servizio e Documentazione per la Cooperazione Economica e Internazionale, Italy
  • Primorski tehnološki park d.o.o., Slovenia

Project Summary:

The aim of the BioTech2Agri project is to increase the level of innovation in the agri-food sector by transferring existing biotechnological potential and promoting and enhancing the quality of biotechnology value chains in the cross-border area. The project encourages the exchange of expertise, experiences, and best practices, networking, and collaboration among stakeholders from academia, industry, public and private sectors, as well as policy improvement aimed at enhancing competitiveness and economic growth in the cross-border area.