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»Youth for Rižana« Clean-up Campaign a Success

The “Youth for Rižana” clean-up campaign successfully took place on Saturday, 13 April 2024. The campaign was organised as part of the POSEIDONE project – Promotion of green and blue infrastructure for new environmental development (No: ITA-SI0400091) by the Mediterranean Institute for Environmental Studies at ZRS Koper, together with the NOMED institute and the Zelenci group.

The clean-up campaign was primarily aimed at involving young people in nature conservation activities and raising awareness about the issue of plastic waste and its impacts on the life of organisms in the Rižana river and alongside its watercourse.

The campaign took place within the framework of the 25th clean-up campaign organised by the Rižana Hunting Association with the aim of encouraging youth participation in nature conservation campaigns, as well as educating and raising awareness about pollution issues. The clean-up campaign was implemented in the most sustainable way possible.

Participants in the event largely agreed that such activities are not only helpful for nature conservation but can also be educational and fun for children.