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Public call for candidates for Young Researchers 2024

Job advertisement

The Science and Research Centre Koper publishes a PUBLIC CALL FOR CANDIDATES FOR YOUNG RESEARCHERS IN THE YEAR 2024.

The subject of the public call is the selection of candidates for young researchers who will be trained for doctoral studies within the research program of the Science and Research Centre Koper.

Candidates can apply for the vacant position of a young researcher with a mentor in the field of science and in the selected field, selected in compliance with the provisions of the rules of procedure:

MentorResearch areaResearch program
Rado Pišot, PhD5.10.02   Kinesiology – medical aspect (orthopedy, physiatry etc.)P5-0381 Kinesiology for quality of life
Dragica Čeč, PhD6.01 HistoriographyP6-0272 The Mediterranean and Slovenia
Tina Čok, PhD6.05 LinguisticsP5-0409 Slovenhood Dimensions between Local and Global at the Beginning of the Third Millennium
Milena Bučar-Miklavčič, PhD1.04 ChemistryP5-0453 Mediterranean agricultural practices and societies in adaptation to environmental change
Rok Svetlič, PhD5.05. LawP6-0400  Social contract in the 21st century

For further information, please contact the HR department at the following email address:

Phone: +386 5 663 7784, +386 5 663 7700

Call is open until 21. June 2024.