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POSEIDONE – Promotion of green and blue infrastructure for new environmental development

The Mediterranean Institute for Environmental Studies at ZRS Koper and the Institute for Oliveculture at ZRS Koper have prepared an e-brochure as part of the strategic project called POSEIDONE (Interreg Italia-Slovenia, no. ITA-SI0400091), aimed at the functional area of the northern Adriatic.

The project will contribute to the sustainable development of the area on a cross-border and macro-regional scale, promoting the conservation of biodiversity in natural and protected areas. The main results of the project will include the improvement of biodiversity in the coastal area of the northern Adriatic through the establishment and protection of green and blue infrastructure, establishment of tools for sustainable tourism planning, promotional activities, improved knowledge and valorisation of areas, as well as the protection of natural and agricultural landscapes.

You can find the e-brochure HERE.