Poligrafi 85/86: ISLAM AND DEMOCRACY

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Revija: Poligrafi
Strani: 192


Muhamed Ali and Anja Zalta: Introduction

Muhidin Mulalić, Ahmed Kulanić: Religious Extremism vs. Multiculturalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hikmet Karčić: Challenges and Temptations: Debates and Reactions of the Islamic Community to the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995

Jeton Mehmeti: Religious contestations in post-independent Kosovo

Özgür Kaymak, Anna Maria Beylunioğlu: An Analysis of National and Minority Identity Relationality: The Case of Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Community in Istanbul

Orsolya Falus: Waqf as a Traditional Legal Institution for Social Responsibility according to Natural Law

Sami Al-Daghistani: Morality or Money? Democracy and Islamic Economic Predicaments

Oskar Opassi : Muslims as the European "Other": Between Self-awareness and Fundamentalism

Maja Pucelj: Islamophobia and Xenophobia in Slovenia Through the Eyes of Covered Muslim Women

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