IONAS - Jonska in Jadranska mesta in pristanišča v skupnem sodelovanju

Vodja projekta na UP ZRS:
Nosilec projekta: City of Venice
Trajanje projekta: 01.05.2004 - 31.10.2006
Program: Interact

In the implementation of the INTERREG programme the need for a better coordination has emerged together with new needs due to the new borders of the EU. The general objectives of the project IONAS is to improve the INTERREG Community performance and to promote the involvement of new actors in the INTERREG Programme.

These overall objectives are reached through the following specific objectives:
- better transport and logistics services in ports,
- environment impact of ports activities and sustainable development and
- joint cooperation between ports and cities.

The following actions will be developed:
- development of a “Port Community” which cooperates and works to give an efficient and effective answer to the  demand for the mobility of people and goods,
- awareness raising process on EMAS aimed at Adriatic and Ionian Ports and
- creation of a permanent Forum for Ionian and Adriatic cities and ports.

The main expected results are:
- better information, communication and cooperation between ports and cities,
- definition of common challenges on transport, logistics and environment protection,
- new recommendations for the future Interreg programme addressed to the MA and
- definition of project ideas to be submitted within Interreg programme.



  • Univerza na Primorskem,
  • Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper,
  • EIC Koper, Slovenija, 
  • International Cities on Water, Italy,
  • Veneto Union of Chambers of Commerce , Italy,
  • Vienna Municipal Department for Environmental Protection, Avstria,
  • City of Ancona, Italy,
  • City of Bari, Italy,
  • City of Brindisi,Italy,
  • City of Pescara,Italy,
  • City of Thessaloniki,Greece,
  • City of Koper, Slovenija,
  • City of Split, Croatia,
  • City of Bar, Serbia & Montenegro,
  • City of Durres, Albania,
  • Venice Port Authority, Italy,
  • Bari Port Authority, Italy,
  • Brindisi Port Authority, Italy,
  • Gioia Tauro Port Authority, Italy,
  • Thessaloniki Port Authority, Greece,
  • Corfu Port Authority, Greece,
  • Dubrovnik Port Authority, Croatia,
  • Split Port Authority, Croatia,
  • Bar Port Authority, Serbia & Montenegro,
  • Durres Port Authority, Albania

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