PhD Lenart Škof

Principal Research Fellow
acting Head of Institute
Phone: +386 5 663 77 00
Lenart Škof is Head of the Institute for Philosophical Studies and acting Head of the Mediterranean Institute for Environmental Studies. His research is focused on contemporary philosophy, ethics, religious studies and philosophical theology. He is an author of several books, more recently Breath of Proximity (Dordrecht/New York: Springer, 2015) and Ethik des Atems (Freiburg/München: Herder/Karl Alber, 2017). He coedited various edited volumes with international publishers, such as Atmospheres of Breathing (New York: SUNY Press) and Breathing with Luce Irigaray (London, 2013). He publishes in peer-reviewed jounals such as Contemporary Pragmatism, Sophia, Peace Review, Schopenhauer Jahrbuch etc. He has been awarded with Fulbright and Humboldt research scholarships and has received the award »Glasnik znanosti ZRS Koper« (»Herald of Science«) for 2013. Lenart Škof is president of Slovenian Society for Comparative Religion.

Research fields:

  • ethics and intersubjectivity,
  • American pragmatism,
  • philosophical theology,
  • feminist philosophy,
  • Asian philosophies and religions.